Why you -SHOULDN’T- Roll dice in front of your players as the GM

One of my players characters died in tonight’s session of Pathfinder. Sadly it was my wifes half orc monk “Ko”. This saddened me because he was my fav character in the campaign and had I hid my rolls i could have crippled him instead of killing him (I rolled and confirmed two slam crits from a bone golem.) Now she’s not even that mad about it, yeah she’s not pleased but shit happens. I’m kinda pissed because I had this great plot the that players where gonna love tied to Ko and now that cant happen. 

I’m debating retconing the death to a maiming, but that may be a bit of a cop out….hrmmm…what to do, what to do…


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    Never retcon. Try to find an alternate solution. It may involve reviving Ko in some manner or something else. Especially...
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    Wouldn’t a raise dead be useful here?
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